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five nights at freddy’s 2

Is this what happens on the eigth night?



ok sorry but i wanna talk for a second about whats happening to the game

Five Nights AT Freddys Is Supposed To Be. A horror game. And its a very well done one at that, definitely the scariest game ive played in a while

and its fine if you wanna draw the animatronics in a cuter style just cuz you think they Look nice like that

But dont. Please Do Not Just go and make It another Fucking thing with all that ducking like. i dotn even know. people are trying to say that the fucking animatronics dont have malicious intent and making headcanons and shit and can we just. Not. Like dont ruin the game for other people if you get what i mean idk im just sort of fed up with how tumblr handles anything that gets popular on it im not wording this very well but you know what i mean i think its a shame to see such a well executed game go down the shitter cause of its fandom


time to uninstall mspaint.exe


imagine if we had text post signatures



"you see it?! it’s right there!"

spirited away is about rescuing your idiot parents from pig hell, a trial we must all face while growing up


Nothing I can Say about At Chirei would do it justice, so here’s a little Utsuho instead.

From At Chirei by karaagetarou or karaageyasan

400 dollar

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